This October you can elect a party or you can Elect a Voice

Tom Ikert, Unapologetically Conservative

Tom is a Voice

  • that believes the system in Ottawa is broken and needs to be fixed
  • that values solutions more than reports
  • that won’t be censored over concerns about potential party losses in other parts of the Country
  • that believes that Canada works when it is fair, not when we are always asked to work to pay the fare
  • that has personally demonstrated the ability to make a difference and reduce taxes as an elected leader
  • that believes in doing what is right over what is considered politically correct
  • that believes that we Canadians need to fix our own problems first in order to be able to better help the world
  • that you can’t have rights and freedoms without responsibility
  • that the leadership we need is based not on popularity or career but on service
  • that believes that the residents of the Bow River riding, who for decades have quietly supported a conservative government, now want leadership that is boldly committed to a set of values that made this country great and action to champion fairness, hard work, care for those who need it, and an optimism that together we can make a better world
  • that it takes one small step to start a journey

Who is Tom?

Tom lives in Wheatland County with his wife Crystal. Together they’ve raised four children and enjoy regular visits with their grandchildren. Their quarter section has been in the family for over 50 years, and is shared with their dogs, barn cats, horses, cattle, and miniature donkeys. The land also contributes to Alberta’s economy through leasing for farming and oil extraction. A Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter and lifelong entrepreneur, Tom has always been passionate about hard work, integrity, and responsibility. 

Meet Tom

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Why Vote for Tom?

Tom realizes that residents of the Bow River riding, who for decades have quietly supported a conservative government, need leadership that is boldly committed to a set of values that made this country great. They want action to champion fairness, hard work, care for those who need it, and an optimism that together we can make a better world. A proudly college-educated family man, entrepreneur, carpenter, and livestock farmer, Tom is well aligned with the average Bow River voter. Having lived in both urban and rural locations, Tom understands the unique needs and challenges of each and will proudly and boldly represent both in Ottawa.


Tom has personally demonstrated the ability to make a difference and reduce taxes as an elected leader.


Tom is well known for engaging in impassioned discussion and debate. He is willing to listen and ready to fight on behalf of Alberta in Ottawa.


Tom understands the importance of feedback & teamwork and believes that none of us is as smart as all of us.


Tom believes in leading by example and following through on promises made.

Platform Highlights


Fairness For All Provinces

Health Care

Giving Provinces the Incentives to Deal with Wait Times and Rising Costs

Supply Management

Making Dairy, Poultry, and Eggs More Affordable


Respecting Legal Firearms Owners and Targeting Criminals

Riding / EDA Boundary Map

Click the map to enlarge

Commencing at the intersection of the westerly limit of Kneehill County with Township Road 314; thence easterly along said road to Highway No. 806; thence southerly along said highway to Highway No. 582; thence easterly along said highway and Highway No. 27 to the left bank of the Red Deer River; thence generally southerly along said bank to the westerly limit of the Town of Drumheller; thence generally southeasterly along said limit, the easterly limit of Wheatland County and the easterly limit of Newell County No. 4 to the easterly limit of the Municipal District of Taber; thence generally southerly, westerly and generally northerly along the easterly, southerly and westerly limits of said municipal district to the southeasterly limit of Vulcan County; thence generally southwesterly and generally northwesterly along the southerly and westerly limits of said county to the southerly limit of Wheatland County; thence generally westerly along said limit and the southerly limit of Rocky View County to the easterly limit of the City of Calgary; thence generally northerly along said limit to Highway No. 564; thence easterly along said highway to Highway No. 791; thence generally northerly along said highway to Highway No. 567; thence westerly along said highway to Highway No. 791; thence northerly along said highway to the northerly limit of Rocky View County; thence generally easterly along said limit to the southwesterly limit of Kneehill County; thence generally northerly along said limit to the point of commencement.

About the People's Party of Canada

Why this name? Because it is time that the government put the Canadian people first when they make decisions and policies. It is time to put power back into the people’s hands.

For too long, Canadian politics has been hijacked by interest groups, cartels, lobbies, international organisations, corporate or union interests, and the interests of politicians and bureaucrats in Ottawa who are disconnected from ordinary citizens.

This is why government never stops growing. Taxes and regulations never stop increasing. The Liberal government is out-of control and out-of-touch. It has become unable to solve basic problems such as the migrant crisis and pipeline approval.

We see it in the way the old parties try to attract votes and support. Not by offering solutions that appeal to all Canadians. But by pandering to various groups and dividing Canadians into little tribes that can be bought with promises, privileges and taxpayers’ money.

Nobody speaks for all Canadians. Nobody speaks for the people.

The People’s Party of Canada will fight for the same fundamental values that (Maxime) put forward during (his) leadership campaign last year: Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness and Respect.

We don’t believe that government intervention is a solution for everything. Government should not intervene to solve each and every problem on the road to a utopian and unrealistic vision of society.

We want smaller government because we support individual freedom and personal responsibility. We have faith in people. We have faith that they have the ability, the dignity and the right to make their own decisions and determine their own destiny.

The People’s Party will restore Fairness in our country by denouncing the taxes, programs and regulations:

  • that protect industries from competition, create barriers to trade and force consumers to pay more for goods and services;
  • that discourage investment, crush private initiative, and the dreams of young entrepreneurs;
  • that force citizens to be content with inefficient government services and prevent private alternatives to emerge;
  • that unfairly distribute wealth from some provinces to others while keeping the recipient provinces in poverty.

The People’s Party will:

  • respect the taxpayers;
  • respect our Constitution;
  • equally respect all regions, provinces and territories;
  • and respect our traditions, our history, and what makes Canada a unique place in the world,
    without trying to forcibly change it like the current Liberal government is doing.

Maxime Bernier

People’s Party of Canada Leader

Maxime Bernier is known as a dependable politician who speaks his mind. A man of ideas, his belief in personal responsibility and freedom is at the heart of his political vision. In his public statements, he expresses those values and his unwavering commitment to reducing the size of government.

Mr. Bernier is a dedicated and experienced runner and has participated in several marathons. A tough and determined competitor, he once ran 106 km across his constituency, completing the run in 13 hours and raising $165,000 for the Beauce food bank.


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